Brochures and Marketing Materials

Brochures and Marketing Materials examples
Brochures and Marketing Materials

Brochures and Marketing MaterialS

Introduce, inform or persuade with beautifully designed brochures and marketing materials.

Even in this digital age, many companies, organizations and nonprofits recognize the value of brochures, presentation folders, flyers, catalogues, mailers and more. 

Tangible, shareable and memorable in a way that electronic communications are not, printed marketing materials from KKP can introduce your operation, inform established clients and potential customers about your products or services, and persuade your audience to act. An insightful brochure also anticipates and answers questions from your customers — before they’re asked.

Another plus? The message you present to readers is yours and yours alone. Brochures, postcards and the like compete with no broadcast, online or print advertising. You gain the full and undivided attention of your target audience!

Brochures are also immediate. There’s no need to ask event visitors or direct mail recipients to go online and visit your website to learn more. You’ll place your information where it will do you the most good — right in their hands, right before their eyes!

You’ll get your money’s worth from printed sales materials. They’re not only valuable but also versatile. They can be mailed, handed out at trade shows or grand openings, distributed in-store at point of sale, or included in your product shipments to spur additional orders.

Printed items from KKP can be as eye-catching as you need them to be! Our graphic designers will show you ways to increase readability and memorability. And, with roots in printing, we’re especially adept at identifying different papers, inks, coatings, die-cuts and other methods to make your materials stand out!

Whatever your solution, rely on KKP to adhere to your brand standards and your marketing budget. Look to us for well designed, beautifully produced and affordably priced collateral including:

·         Brochures

·         Catalogues

·         Flyers

·         Postcards and mailers

·         Presentation folders

·         Sales or information sheets

·         Trifolds (i.e., rack brochures or pocket folders)


Start to finish, excellent customer service and attention to detail, From small to large jobs KKP seems to prioritize your needs and requests. Also great pricing is an added bonus! Thanks again!
5 Star Rating!
-Brandon B
Topline Aquatics
November 2019
Very professional, all staff very friendly and helpful, highly recommend KKP for any design or print
5 Star Rating!
-Dave A
Archer Pumps Ltd.
June 2019