4 Tips for Creating Engaging Business-to-Business Content


Intentional or not, most businesses and organizations create an enormous amount of content every day. With more blogs, emails, case studies and the like, the risk of favouring quantity over quality grows.

Content should be engaging, educational and/or valuable to your key audience. Here are four reminders for your content producers.

1. Share data. According to a recent content preference report, 76% of business-to-business buyers said more data, research and benchmark reports would improve the content quality from B2B vendors.

2. Remember that consistency is key. All content, printed and online, should flow seamlessly in a way that allows readers to distinguish your brand simply through its look and messaging. A consistent flow of content managed with a content calendar is a best practice that keeps you aware of the channels that are activated and when.

3. Repurpose original content. Repurposed content increases social reach, boosts SEO, reinforces key messages and helps you gain authority in your industry. Try turning a webinar into a YouTube video tutorial, transforming old blog posts into comprehensive guides, packaging blog posts as email newsletters and mining key statistics for compelling infographics.

4. Focus on your audience, not your brand. The purpose of effective content is to provide valuable, relevant content to build a relationship with your audience. Your messaging should bridge the gap between what companies want to talk about and what audiences want to know.

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