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The last two weeks of summer will be over before we know it; but with the end of the season comes the beginning of autumn. School is back in session for children and college and university students across the country. Businesses and shops will soon be bustling with activity as life becomes busier and businesses prepare for the new fiscal year. With a new season comes new designs and marketing strategies that can help your business succeed. Take a look at a few tips and tricks to attract attention to your business this fall.

New Signage

As much as we love the warm temperatures and sunny days of summer, business signage does not. Many materials are not designed to withstand the elements. Constant exposure to sunlight can cause colours to fade and even harm the integrity of the materials causing them to tear and stretch. To ensure that your signage looks fresh all year long, replace your signage before it starts looking worn, whether it is through a coat of paint or freshly printed materials and signage. Let your billboards and outdoor signage catch people’s attention with vibrant colours and fresh designs, not faded images.

New Designs

Autumn not only signals the end of summer but the beginning of a season of holidays, special occasions and events. Thanksgiving, Halloween and Christmas greatly impact merchandise, sales and marketing strategies. We have all entered a store the day after Halloween to find Christmas trees and holiday decorations already on the shelves. In order to compete, your business needs to take advantage of this time of year through new design and unique marketing materials. Brochures, posters, coupons, website banners and even vehicle wraps should receive fresh designs to reflect the season and catch the attention of buyers, both in-store and online.

Outdoor Displays 

With the change in temperature, many business owners deconstruct their outdoor displays to move them indoors. Although summer is almost over, it doesn’t mean that your business should not create outdoor displays to feature products and services. Autumn is the perfect time of year to create colourful displays to catch the attention of customers. Through showcasing your products and services in a beautiful display, you are able to provide potential customers with eye-catching visuals that convey all that your business has to offer. Even though the days will soon get colder, take advantage of outdoor displays before winter sets in.

Business signage, websites and printed materials never stop marketing your business or your brand. Each season has something special to offer. Take advantage of the changing colours and temperatures to freshen up your look and your marketing strategy. Don’t know where to start or how to stand out from the rest? Contact KKP. We can help your business succeed. 

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