Holiday Gift Giving Tips


As a small-medium business owner, giving gifts to your clients is an important way to maintain relationships and keep your services top-of mind. It is customary to give a gift once a year to a client, and the holiday season is the perfect time to do so. Here are some helpful tips for gift giving this season.


If you have a small number of clients with large accounts, try to personalize the gifts based on your client’s habits. Have you taken your client out for a round of golf? A small token from their favourite course could be appropriate. Remember to talk to your sales team. They may have some insights on what would be a great gift that shows you appreciate their working relationship.

Be Considerate:

Don’t assume all of your clients celebrate Christmas. When giving a gift and writing a card, if you don’t know what they celebrate it’s best to keep with ‘Happy Holidays’. Also consider the timing of the gift. If you are trying to close an account, or are in a bidding war with a competitor, a gift can send the wrong message.

Business policy:

Your company or your client’s company may have specific gift giving guidelines. Make sure you do some research to make sure gift giving doesn't break any business policies that may tarnish your relationship or your business.

General Gifts:

If your business has too many clients for individualized gifts, smaller more general items are appropriate such as gift cards or gift baskets. Try to avoid generic items like pens or water bottles with your company logo on them. These types of gifts seem impersonal, and your client will be able to tell you didn’t put any thought into the gift. If possible, write a hand written note to make it more personal.

When giving gifts this holiday season the key is to show your clients that they are appreciated. Keep in mind account size, but also make sure that the gift giving is distributed fairly.

What types of gifts do you usually give clients?

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