How to Attract and Retain Great Employees


How to Attract and Retain Great Employees

Hiring and keeping the right employees is crucial for a company’s success – especially a small business. High turnover costs valuable time and money. Here’s some tips to provide a positive work environment to make sure you’re attracting and keeping the best talent.

Keep people excited to come to work:

As a business owner, you represent the company and brand. How you present yourself and make others feel will have a big impact on people’s connection to the job and company. If you are excited and happy about your job, that positivity will be contagious and boost morale for your employees.

Acknowledge people’s work:

Studies and experiments show, ignoring or not acknowledging people’s work is a sure way to discourage employees. Completely scrapping a project employees have worked hours on is even worse. Take time to reward or at least acknowledge the hard work of your employees, and they will continue to work hard in return.

Don’t Under Value Your Employees:

If employee’s are going above and beyond, or working extra hours, make sure you are paying them what they deserve. Also make sure you’re covering any expenses, including gas money for work related travel. In a small business, sometimes these things can be over looked, but it’s important to compensate where applicable, so your employees don’t feel like they are being taken advantage of.

Ask for and seriously consider people’s opinions:

As a business owner, it’s sometimes difficult to know exactly what’s going on in every facet of your business. Make it a priority to check in with your employees and ask them their opinion about business the processes – not only the challenges but also their suggestions for improvements. When they do give their opinion, no matter how small, implement it (if you can) to show you are truly listening. The more you acknowledge and implement others opinions, the more likely they’ll speak up with even bigger and brighter ideas.

Commit to growth and change:

Don’t be complacent in your work. Constantly ask yourself why and how in regards to your business, and frequently ask for employee feedback. If employees can see that the business is progressing, they’ll be excited to stick around and contribute to its growth.   

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