So many business cards so little space


Generally speaking, every business professional has a pocket full of business cards, all neatly placed in a holder, or in a secret pocket in our wallets. With so many of our business cards, professionals don’t have the space or energy to carry around every single business card ever collected. But what do you do with them?

First off, if you know you will never be in contact with the individual or business, then throw the card out. There is no need to confuse potential contacts with everybody else. Remember, quality is more important than quantity.

If the contact has passed the first test, jot down information about them. This will ensure that when you call them up, you remember exactly what it is about their company that you find beneficial. This will avoid awkward conversations on the phone and can lead to future business. 

Now, you have a stack of business cards that have moved from your pocket to your desk…now what? Look them up on LinkedIn. With the world moving to become socially connected in the online world, take your real-world contact cards and make it official online. Send them an invitation to become connected; from there you can easily save their email address and phone number to your digital contact book.

There are other ways to save business cards. If the online world makes you run screaming, fear not there are other options. Depending on your technological level these suggestions will increasingly become more tech-savvy:

  • Use a Rolodex – this way you can keep those paper business cards in alphabetical order. It is your choice on how you want to organize this (first name, last name, profession)
  • Scan business cards – A regular scanner and individually scan the cards to your computer. From here you would have to save each card individually on your hard drive. So instead of taking up room in your pocket, you can fill your computer with images.
  • A card scanner – these are specifically made for business cards. They take the name, company, address, fax, e-mail and directly input it into a contact management program. Of course with the increasingly unique cards out there, this technology may become next to useless.
  • Add to your contacts – Whether it’s in Outlook, Mail or Gmail, every email system has a section for contacts. Once you are back from your conference, meeting or presentation, manually transfer contact information from paper to computer.

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