Social Media Tools to Add to Your Toolkit


Social Media is proving to be one of the best ways to market products and services online. What was once designed to help people stay connected with friends and family, has grown into a marketing hub for business owners, entrepreneurs, labourers and those looking for work. Social Media is not just about posting content, it is about learning who your target audience is and which campaigns and posts are generating qualified leads. We have put together a list of Social Media tools that help analyze and measure your company’s online presence. These tools will help you to schedule and write engaging content on your Social Media accounts, and help your business make a great impression.


Hootsuite is a Social Media management tool that is designed to allow users to schedule tweets and posts in advance. Hootsuite is a great resource for those whose Social Media strategy requires them to tweet images, videos, links and company content several times a day. Marketers are using Hootsuite to schedule Facebook and LinkedIn posts as well. In addition, Hootsuite can measure and track scheduled and past-scheduled tweets, and allow you to determine which hashtags are trending. Not only does Hootsuite help users manage their posts and save valuable time, it also allows users to measure and assess their company’s online presence through the built in analytics.

Social Mention

One of the most important aspects of Social Media is conversing with others online. If you continually send out content that people engage with yet you do not respond to them, you can hurt your company’s reputation. In order to be successful online, you must monitor and join the conversation. If you take the time to listen and engage with followers, you will be able to increase your brand recognition and turn user inquiries into qualified leads and sales. Social Mention is a unique tool that allows people to search and measure what the online world is saying about their company in real time. Through utilizing this service, businesses can converse with users online and monitor their Social Media presence.   

Facebook Analytics

Facebook, one of the oldest and most used Social Media platforms, provides more than a space for users to upload photos, post links and share what they are up to. Businesses are using Facebook pages to showcase their company and share valuable content to their target audience. Facebook provides tools to help you monitor your posts to determine which content is engaging with your audience, and which content is falling flat. Facebook analytics is a tool that is available directly on Facebook, and provides information about your target audience, such as;

·         How many users have seen your post and engaged with it, through Likes, Comments and Shares.

·         Where your target audience lives and their approximate age.

·         The percentage of your engaged fans who are male or female.

Facebook analytics is a tool that businesses should add to their toolkit, as it can provide key information about your Facebook page and the audience that you are marketing to.

The next time your company is revising their Social Media strategy, keep these tools in mind. It can be difficult to monitor and contribute to the conversation online, but these tools will help you utilize Social Media and increase your online presence.

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