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Customers choose certain products and service by how visually stimulating they are – their colour, their texture, etc.  Eye-catching designs promoting the products and services are therefore crucial in enticing interest.  Advertising agencies thrive on creating designs that speak to people, helping potential customers realize the importance and need for what the company has to offer with their products and services. Designers are always pushing the boundaries, looking for new innovative ideas.  To stay relevant, there are several design aspects that you should consider.


Colour is crucial in design as it catches the viewer’s eye and attention and helps businesses stand out from the crowd. Colour theorists’ associate colours with certain moods and messages that are subjective to every viewer, and as thus effective design harnesses colour to help the viewer feel a certain way about a product. If you had the choice to walk into two shops that sold similar products on a bright summer day, which would you choose? A shop where the signage and marketing materials are in shades of grey, or a shop that utilizes colour to make their materials pop? It is an easy choice. Colour, when used well, can help you convey the personality of your company and attract potential customers to your business.


Brand recognition is crucial to the success of any business, as clients and first time customers need to be able to identify with your brand, above companies who offer similar products. A well-designed logo is the best way to establish brand recognition, as a logo not only represents the company but all that it stands for as well. For instance, Coca-Cola has offered Coke since the late 1880’s. Over the years the logo has changed slightly, but it still represents the classic nature of Coke products. When drinking a Coke, one cannot help but feel nostalgic about the “good ’ole days.” Despite the wide variety of soft drinks that are now being offered, Coke remains one of the top selling brands because they established brand recognition and a brand personality with the consumer in mind.


We have all inspected the preloaded fonts that exist on Pages, Microsoft Word, Adobe and other products, but which one represents your business? Font styles can convey the personality of your business and every product and service that you offer. Some businesses have created their own fonts to showcase who they are to present themselves to the public as being truly unique. Disney is the perfect example of a company who has used font to convey the whimsical nature of the company and the movies that they produce. The font that your business utilizes for brochures, emails, signs and other marketing materials should be carefully selected as every piece of material that your business presents to the public, represents who you are and the quality of your products.

Designing your marketing materials, logos and website with the user in mind, can help your business grow. If you find that you are struggling to establish a design that represents your company, contact us! Our design experts will work with you, to help your business succeed.

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