What to Look For in a Business Partner


Choosing a business partner is a lot like choosing a spouse. You will need to work closely together, for a long period of time, so you want to make sure that it’s the right fit. Here is a list of things you should consider when looking for a business partner.

1.       Skill sets you desire

When finding a business partner, its best to find one who has skills different then your own. If you’re the big idea-creative type, you may want someone who is more analytical. If you’re not confident in your sales skills, you may want a partner who thrives in sales. A great business partner will make the collaboration better by contributing complementary skills.

2.       A personality that complements, not clashes yours

Along with complementary skills, you’ll need personalities that also get along. Great skills on paper alone are not enough. You need someone who you can spend long hours in the office with, as well as someone who will stand by your side during any turbulence. You also need to be comfortable around this person, trust them, and be able to communicate.

3.       Someone with the same work ethic

When it comes to a partnership, you want someone who is just as eager and willing as you are to put in the work and long hours needed to make your business a success. When work feels unevenly distributed, it’s very easy for animosity to build up and a partnership to fall apart.

4.       Someone whom you respect, and will respect you

Just like when it comes to picking a spouse, it is imperative that you respect each other. Your reputation and business will be tied to this person, so make sure it is someone you will be proud to call your business partner.  

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